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Costa Gift Cards and e-Gifts are a perfect choice incentivise, motivate, and reward your employees and customers. Our locations all across Ireland and Northern Ireland make it easy for you to grab a Flat White, Creamy Latte or Classic Americano at any time. Click here to find your nearest store.


The Costa brothers' dream was to bring irresistible coffee and community spirit to the people of London. Today, our vision is bold and simple - to be the world’s favourite coffee shop brand. We want Costa to be close by whenever you need a carefully crafted, simple pleasure to brighten your day. We want to welcome people from all corners of the globe to the home of irresistible Coffee.

Costa Coffee Being Poured
Costa Coffee Being Made

Why choose Costa Coffee?

Whether you’re looking to attract and engage new customers or motivate and reward your staff, Costa has the solution:

Use a Costa eGift to reward your employees and improve motivation and engagement throughout your business.
Recruiting and retaining customers is critical to the success of businesses. We offer a simple, yet effective way to connect customers back to your business and protect the relationship you've made.
Use Costa as your employee and business expense card and reduce food and drink costs. We want to make your business purchasing a cost effective and time efficient process.
Your customers are important to you! Use Costa to incentivise and engage customers loyalty to your business effectively.
It's not just Christmas we need to remember, use Costa as your small gesture go to for work anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

Ordering Costa eGifts is simple. Offering credit facilities, a complete fulfilment service, and prompt delivery, we make sure the process is straightforward. Whatever your requirements, our dedicated team is ready to help you every step of the way.

  • Digital gift cards available
  • Bulk buying discounts (subject to volume)
  • Free Delivery (subject to volume)
  • Available to load in any denomination from €/£5 to €/£150
A Costa Coffee Gift Card
For full Gift Card terms and conditions, click here.

How to Order

Order from our Costa for Business site to receive discounts (subject to volume/value of your order).

from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

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